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America Neva start sef: dem go still marry horse!

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People wey get mouth de talk one thing. Dem de talk say when America sneeze, the whole world go catch cold. Hehehehee no be small thing be dat. True true, na America de lead way for many things both good and bad. When dem wan do good thing, na dam go do am pass. When dem wan do wicked thing, na dem go still do am pass. When dem wan do very very evil, dem no de get rival. After dem don finish, you go de hear something like, “I didn’t have no choice. I had to do what I had to do.” America don sneeze now hehehehe. Dem supreme court don talk say any man fit marry another man and woman fit to de marry woman. All na by agreement hehehehehehe! But make we no make mistake de think say na every American de support all the yeye thingwey de happen. I hear about the woman wey de work for registry wey talk say she no work again. She say she be christian and God no send am de register man and man as husband and wife. She say e pay am pass to obey God instead of man.
The thing wey de surprise me pass be say una de surprise say dis kind thing de happen. Where you dey when all dis mata de build up? E no happen for one day na. As early as the nineteen sixties, America don ban prayers for public school. You no fit even put Christmas decoration for public building. The mata of abortion na anoda strong one. Dem don argue am go front and argue am come back and na the same place dem stand. E go reach some time, e go be like say ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) just wake up come de face Christians. E don tey wey human rights de make wrong things look ok. So, as dem de do de go, e no come de surprise me and me I come de surprise say you no know as e de go.
Nobody wey no de find liberty. For Nigeria, the things we de find liberty from dem too much sef. But as liberty good reach, if person no careful, freedom or liberty fit destroy person. Na Charles Colson na im talk say liberty no be license to do anything we like., but liberty na right to do wetin the right thing wey we suppose do. Dat one mean to say freedom no be for person to de do wetin e know say e no right. But demgo quick ask you say, wetin be right and wetin be wrong, and who get right to talk say one thing right and another thing wrong. If you just mention Bible like dis, haaaaaaa! You don spoil something. Dem no wan hear am.
This homosexual thing sef na anoda wahala. Some people say na dem right to sleep with who dem like. Dem de call am alternative lifestyle. Which mean to say, ‘me and you different, so why you de tell me how I go de run my own things? Do your own make I do my own’. The argument sound nice abi? But the outcome na im de fear you so. Man don marry man and dem go de find pikin wey woman born to adopt. The pikin go get father and father hehehehehehe! ‘What is your mother’s name’ go turn to brutal question hehehehe!
Make we no talk lie o. Na true say Nigerian government don tell dem, during Jonathan, say we no de do dat kind thing. But does dat one come mean say we no get men wey de like to de follow oda men? We no get women wey like to de follow other women? Dem dey plenty. One de even de toast me for Facebook say I should allow myself to experience the joy of being with other men. Thunder fire im head! But we get homosexuals and we get lesbians since tey tey, lesbians especially. Some girls na lesbian reach inside bone and some just take am keep demself busy for boarding school. But no matter wetin America do, e go seriously tey before anybody wey no wan wound go fit tell us say make Sulaimon de go marry Abubakar. How you wan take marry Johnbull and Ignatius for dis country today? No be small thing we de talk so o. the thing enter church sef. Na the Episcopal Church of England na dem first make fear catch person. Dat church na im born Anglican Church for Nigeria. Dem don de get dat wahala say weda dem go allow people wey be gay make dem become priest. The thing don stay until dem come agree say make dem allow dem. But African churches say NO WAY!! Dem hold synod dat time and dem come tell dem say nothing like dat fit happen at all. In the end, Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion come decide say make dem break ALL SPIRITUAL ties with Church of England. Dem tell dem straight mata say, for other things o, we fit be family. But when e come to anything spiritual, make una stay una own. Dat na wetin Jonathan sef tell dem. Till tomorrow, dem de take style de tell us say if we no allow gay people to de show face publicly or to de marry each other, dem no go de give us aid. But me I get beta suggestion for dem. Make we give dem all the gay people for here make dem carry dem go US go give dem right to marry demself there. Hehehehehehehehe.
I no de preach o but the thing de wonder me somehow as all the things wey Bible talk say e go happen just de happen one by one. When dem de talk for Bible say when the beast go come, anybody wey no get im mark no go fit buy or sell, we de argue say na oyinbo side be dat. We de ask ourself say how dat one fit happen for dis area, as we scatter reach. We come de see different queue for here. We queue for Obasanjo ID card, we give dem data. We queue for SIM card registration, we give dem data. We queue for voter registration and we give dem data. As if those queue no do, we still de queue for new ID card and BVN. Dis last two queue na dem wicked pass. You no fit do correct business without ID registration and you no even fit take your own money from bank without BVN. So dis same sex marriage thing na just distraction. The real events de happen for back. When the time come, how person go fit hide from dem? But no mata wetin anybody do, everything go happen exactly as Bible write am. If you neva read am, quick carry go bookshop or enter Google.
As for Americans, dem don try everything and nothing remain. All the normal thing wey de sweet person no de sweet dem reach again. So dem de like to de try abnormal things now. Now, dem wan de export dem craze for who wan buy. We know say we too de import things but dis one….fa fa faaa fowl. E possible say make one day make Naija boys begin marry boys. But I no think say na dis generation of Nigeria dat kind thing go happen. Dem no born you well make you de come back from 15 years in America make you carry anoda man follow body come tell your family, “this is my wife”. But Americans dem life sweet dem. Dem don de lead for many things but many of us no know say na dem sef de lead for many bad things like illiteracy, crime, drug, abortions, homicide…and now dem wan de teach us. Make dem hold dem thing. Dem go do the one wey pass dis one o. E no go tey before dem go do another law say man or woman fit marry any living thing dem like. Na dem go be first to marry dog and horse. See you! We neva see anything yet. Meanwhile make anybody wey know oyinbo tell dem say if any two of dem men come Nigeria come kiss for street, anything fit happen o. People wey see dem fit laugh comot face. Some go snap take do update. Some fit shout small for dem and some sef fit carry tyre put round dem neck.
Bible de tell us say nothing don happen yet. So no fear. Just de look de pray to God. Dassol. And I for talk anoda thing o. only say I de fear say you fit vex. Anyway, make I tell you.
Bible de teach say sin na sin and dem no get different weight. Sin na the same weight. So if one man marry man, na sin. If one woman sleep with Alsatian dog for money, na sin. If woman sell herself, na sin. If person kill anoda person for ritual, na sin. And all dis sin na the same weight with person wey talk lie or person wey thief N500.00. check am yourself for Bible and look after your own side before you begin abuse Americans.
I don dodge o. until next time.