we no kukuma know the one ASUU dey

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When everybody don de happy say ASUU strike wan end, na im one governor wey im police de drive for two side of one road go cause trouble for everybody. make una never swear for am o, nobody don tell us everything wey happen. As Prof Iyayi just die, dem no born anybody well make e de talk say make ASUU hold meeting. Even though we de talk am, we no de talk am loud because for Africa, we no de take die matter take play. 

All pikin wey dey house wey don de clean dem shoe, de call dem friends, de ready say dem wan go school, all of dem don siddon tight for house de wait premiership, de dance skelewu.

Now, one faction of ASUU (wetin sef be faction?)…na one stronghead group wey no dey here or there, na dem come de do procession say dem wan honour Iyayi. Dis kind thing tire person because the people wey de march so dem no be member of ASUU national. Dem get dem own ASUU wey de paddy-paddy with Unilorin management. Origina ASUU don provoke talk say make nobody march for Iyayi for dat school because dem de disgrace demself. How dem wan de march for person wey dem no gree im talk?

All dat one na by the way. The thing wey tire person sef be say we no kukuma hear talk from ASUU since. Wwe people de talk say, if you slap person, the person de shout de halla, na im be say e no go do anything. But if you slap person e de look you like mumu, u berra carry wetin Yoruba people de call idobale, which mean to say make you lie down for ground like redneck make you de beg am. ASUU no talk and nobody get nyash ask dem say how far. all dis small-small boys wey de run different blogs just de write anything dem like. The first time dem talk say na January sschool go open, we talk say dem de mad. As e be now, we no kukuman know who come de mad. No be Christmas we de look so? And nothing like NEC meeting not to talk of resumption date. Wetin be dis? Who go kill professor sef.

Our people de talk say, if old woman fall, come fall again, we go check wetin she carry for basket. This governor wey im moto just de jam people wey vote for am, how far? Last time the man motor jam, na so wahala burst. Dem say e break leg and dem wan carry am go oversea go organize im bone. But people come de praise am because dem say e try as e take treatment for Nigeria.But wait o. I don de dount am.

1. I don de think say dat man fit no break leg at all. E fit be say dem just talk am make people for no too vex for am. I no know o.

2. Dem de hail am say e no travel ot. Hoe e wan travel out when plenty people dey der to siddon for im chair.

i no trust those people.

And as e be like say mata wan come dow, na so we de hear rumour say na bullet, no be accident kill Iyayi. Somebody don fall we hand be dat. We go find money take pay tax. Government go take the money buy bullet say make police de take de shoot us.

Anyway, ASUU talk before say all the people wey stand for corridor wey govt de pack money, all must put hand for paper..Oga at the top, minister for money matter, Central Bank governor…all of dem must sign. wetin cause that one be say Oga David Mark been talk say the people wey sign the first agreement no know book. No be im fault. Anyway, the man don play golf waka go. i de waka o go find another tori. Abeg I de come, no vex



…na so e go de be…..

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people wey know book pass us de talk say pidgin na for people wey no de hear grammar. Na dem own be dat. But when e reach time for election, na so all of dem go de try speak pidgin and na wonder dem de take dem mouth commit. Na dem know. For this zone, we go de do we thing. We go de talk our tori, we go de discuss and we go de translate the beta beta news make we for de know wetin de happen. People, una welcome o. Na we own homezone be dis.

i de come, make i find kolanut go first. abi you no go chop?