Pikin don fail, everybody de dodge blame!

As i de write dis thing, vex de vex me. Correct vex wey water no fit quench de vex me. Why be dat? Because we don de do nonsense again. Pikin fail exam, all the people wey prepare pikin for exam de point finger de blame another person. The thing wey dem de talk say make we do to help pikin pass sef de tire me.

No be Punch Newspaper i carry say make i read my money comot for inside, na im i come de see how people de blame other people because of wetin dem sef follow do. i tire o See make i talk one thing hoohaa! Failure for WAEC no be other people fault. Na all of us cause am. Both people wey do wetin dem no suppose do and people wey no do wetin dem suppose do.

Oka, make we begin for beginning. Oga Julius Okojie. Una remember the man? Ahhaaaa! Na Oga at the top for NUC (National Universities Commission) na im be dat. Na the baba of everything wey de happen for university be dat. the man talk something for grammar. Read am first.

The Executive Secretary, National Universities Commission, Prof. Julius Okojie, said education should be made free and compulsory up to age 18.

He said, “The federal and state governments should both agree that education be made free and compulsory till age 18.

“In addition, schools should be boarding only. Many homes have a situation where both parents work till late, and if there is no one to supervise their children when they get back from school, there would definitely be a problem.

“During my time, most schools were boarding; there were rules and regulations; seniors helped us with our assignments. But now, children close from school and their parents are not yet home. There is also no one to supervise them.

“A large percentage of private schools are boarding, but how many can accommodate pupils? Most of the candidates that don’t do well in WAEC are from public schools.

“In my time, our seniors handed us their notes and prepared us for our exams. Now, pupils don’t have anyone to assist them.”

Una see big man? Pikin fail, you say na free education be solution. For dis country as e be now, wey WAEC de refuse to release result for some states because dem no fit pay WAEC registration fee wey dem promise the students. If dem no fit do only dat one, how dem wan give free education till 18 years? And as e be today, some pikin don nearly graduate from university for 18 years. Where dis money go come from? Next thing, prof talk say all the pikin must go boarding house. we for first ask say, wetin kill the boarding house wey been dey before? Abi the thing just waka by imsef? How many pikin dey one secondary school for Oga Julius time? Today for some secondary schools, na 150 children dey one arm of one class and dem go get like 10 arms. Where dem wan keep dem? Even for university dem wwey Oga de supervise, how many get hostel for up to 10% of dem student? Even plus all the money TETFUND de spend, how many hostels dey?

Okay, make we leave dat one. How boarding house go turn to automatic pass WAEC sef. My nephew wey first go unity school, na nearly F9 e carry come back for all the subject. Na bush school we carry am go wey teachers de calm down teach pikin dem. Today, the boy don stabilize, de work sef. the time we dey boarding house, many of us fail exam o. and the only thing senior de do for us na to tell us to go kneel down, to chop our provision and to beat us. Oga no know say dis world don change. Parents no even want make pikin de comot for dem sight again.

Oga still talk one matter, wey be say most of the pikin wey fail na from public school. Straight talk be say most of the candidates na from public school. Me i go public school and most of the teacher wey de teach the pikin dem na public school product. Wetin do public school? No be the same university under Oga supervision de train teacher for public and private? We no wan talk true for dis country. Those teacher dem, how dem take graduate comot from university in the forst place. Oga de wakabout de do accreditation and accreditation and all the school dem de pass accreditation. If the pikin dem teach come go fail, Oga no go get any blame?

Other people talk put o. Hear another one.

Similarly, a Professor of Biology, Olabisi Onabanjo University, Omotoye Olorode, said candidates who fail WAEC are likely from public schools.

“People are not asking whose children are failing the exam. When one looks at things, one would see that they are likely children from public schools. These are schools everyone has abandoned. That question must be addressed.

“Even some private schools are not in a position to provide education to any child. They are trading organisations that engage graduate teachers on N10,000 a month. Some pay less, especially the dilapidated, uncompleted ones.

“Most children remain in abandoned public schools, and in many schools, teachers have not been paid for eight months. If parents are not paid, how would their children buy books? These questions need to be addressed.

“More so, very few good textbooks are available because there are no teachers to write them. We should also ask how many children have books. We have been forced to live in denial of our situation,” he said.

Plenty talk dey here o but the part i like be say we de live in denial. Which mean say we de see truth and we no de talk am. Dis oga understand as e be pass Oga at the top but this public school matter again. Who abandon public school and why dem abandone dem?  E good say prof know say some public school better pass some private school. Wetin make dem private be say dem de pay school fees. Some na international school because one student from Ghana dey there.  Make i talk something wey me i know say na true. MANY PRIVATE SCHOOL DE CHEAT FOR EXAM O!!!! Dem de bribe exam officials. dem go build dem hall deep inside school and dem go put security for gate. As soon as dem see WAEC people, dem go adjust.

If WAEC swear say dem no know, dem go die finish. If NECO say dem no know say dem exam de begin leak for bank, dem sef go die. If principals swear say dem no know say dem de use dem centre make money, dem sef go die. And if anybody swear say na failure rate high because of public schools…….mtsheeew!

Dis matter of salary no be wetin to put mouth. Na heavy matter. You go de pay me January salary for August and you go de preach dedication to duty, you smoke? And dat matter of textbook na for another day.

Another Oga still get talk. Oga talk say,

Furthermore, the Vice-Chancellor, Ekiti State University, Prof. Oladipo Aina, identified the drop in education standard as a huge factor. He said teachers are demoralised and that this has affected their mode of teaching.

“We have serious problems. In some schools, you have a case where a teacher can’t communicate in proper English. What would that teacher teach the pupils? One can’t give what one doesn’t have. A pupil isn’t to know more than his teacher.

“This is a time kids need proper care, yet teachers are not mentoring them. There has to be a combination of teaching and mentoring because they are at the formative stage. They need the right upbringing.”

Aina said pupils see teachers as role models, so a lot depends on the quality of teachers.

He acknowledged that some teachers are poorly paid, and urged them to give their best since they have found themselves in the education sector.

hehehehehe see as dem de pass blame. Dem say teacher no sabi speak English but the teacher get certificate from the school wey dem be chairman. How teacher take pass exam? How teacher take write and pass final year thesis? Na Yoruba or Igbo dem take teach am General Studies and core courses? Oga gree say dem no look after teacher but Oga say as dem don find demself inside poverty make dem kukuma make the best of the poverty. hohohoho. Make everybode be careful wetin dem de tell teacher because if teacher swear for person, the sear go work o.

Make we see how Oga Okojie round off the matter,

Okojie further called for states to improve the standard of their primary and secondary schools, instead of relying on the Federal Government for everything.

“Children learn under harsh conditions; if they are not comfortable, how can they learn? We need to revisit the entire process if there must be improvement in WASSCE results,”

Abeg who get dis man address? Make state government do wetin? True true, we must revisit the situation and na Oga dem office the visit go start from.

Year after year, pikin go fail and dem go de point finger. Nobody de go school go ask the secondary teacher dem side. Den fail WAEC, reporter go de ask Vice Chancellors. If dem wan make police, dem go call big people go hotel for weeks go do wetin no go work. When e reach time to suffer, dem go call teacher wey no collect salary. Dem don fail dis year and na so e go still be next year.

Who wan bet am?

but as all dis one de happen for one side, Oyo State government come de talk say dem no de pay students WAEC registration again. Haaa!

Hehehehehe! No be policy. Na confusion. Read am first,

The Oyo State Governor, Abiola Ajimobi, has described the decision to stop the payment of the West African Secondary School Certificate Examination registration fees for candidates and the introduction of N3,000 annual Developmental Levy for public secondary school pupils as urgent and temporary.

Ajimobi said the decision was borne out of the economic reality in the state and the desire to address the abysmal performance of candidates in the examination.”

Why I talk so? Because if na the performance of the children cause am, na one matter. If na say dem parent no de contribute cause am, na another matter still. And if no the lack of money for state account cause am, na still another matter. Which of dis ones be the matter?  and then Oga fire dem with N3,000.00 levy per pikin as punishment for not caring abi?

Hear wetin the Oga talk next.

“He said, “With the paucity of fund in the state, we had to face the reality that we could not continue to sponsor children without involving their parents in a way. This is why we introduced the developmental levy.

“It’s just for a period of time, as soon as things improve for the state financially, we will put it down. It is an emergency situation that we must address.

“Training of children is not the sole responsibility of the government or teachers, parents must play their role too. We discussed with the parents and realised that because parents were not involved in secondary education of their children, they did not bother (about) what happened to them.”

You say you no pay again because student no de serious and parents no care. Then you say make dem pay three thousand. And you say na temporary. I tire for government and education matter.

and i tire for who no tire for dem.



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