Attention Doyin Okupe, Jonathan Is not Jesus Christ. He is Arsene Wenger

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Attention Doyin Okupe: Goodluck Jonathan is like Arsene Wenger not Jesus Christ
It has been well circulated that Doyin Okupe said Goodluck Jonathan is Jesus Christ. Some have rushed in to make a clarification that he only said Goodluck Jonathan is like Jesus Christ. The latter group see a difference and a justification for the analogy. Or perhaps not, but at the least they see a reason why the analogy is not acrimonious. There is a section of the Muslim community revolting and showing from their holy book how this is a verbal assault on the person and mission of Jesus. And there is a segment of the Christian community, irrespective of their political leaning who are just stunned to silence.
Dem be like, “dis people no just get boundary abi?”
How dem go think go dat level? The man plan dis talk before abi the thing fall from im mouth? But again, na so we de take know wetin person de think for inside im mind. So that na how Okupe de see im oga? No wonder the man and the other people wey de work with am de commit all kind commit and dem no care wetin everybody de talk. Jonathan be like Jesus ke! Where dem see dis kind talk.
One benefit of this thing Okupe said is that it makes one want to wonder. In comparing to Jesus, Jonathan fails woefully. In comparing to Mandela he fails abysmally too. The benefit is in looking for the man who Jonathan actually personifies. In him there are many elements of Mobutu, Idi Amin, Campaore and Mugabe. In him there are barely any resemblance to Mandela and Martin Luther King, not to talk of Barak Obama as his adverts claim. Okupe’s claim comes from the background of those adverts where Jonathan’s own men tell us who he actually resembles. Okupe only jumped the gun. And now that he has done that, one wonders who Jonathan actually resembles the most. I came to the conclusion….
Aesene Wenger.
The more you de look Wenger and Jonathan the more you de see wetin join them together.
Both of them are good men. You no fit talk say Jonathan na bad man. He will always command respect just like Wenger. But the respect and goodness no de win match and no de bring economic growth.
Wenger get team and Jonathan get team. The players Wenger buys are cheap and he will not go for better. He is the first to identify talent but he will not buy. The same for Jonathan. All the good players dey there de wait but na the same old crooks e take do team.
Match go dey on and everybody de see say Wenger need to make substitution but na lie. E go play till 87” when e don de lose like 0-2 before e go tell Podolski to warm up for one minute. Na the same thing Jonathan de do. Abba Moro kill Nigerians but Jonathan no de substitute. Stella Oduah na by force substitution. Arumah Oteh still dey there. Dem de talk Allison and Ngozi own?
Wenger no be tactician and everybody de see am. That’s why Mourinho de beat am. Dats why Ferguson de always beat am. Na so e go stand de look and things go de spoil de go and nothing wey e go do. The same thing for Oga Jonathan. When we complain about Okonjo-Iweala, e be like say Oga go call am. And the only question e fit ask am na, “are you sure?”. And the babe go answer say, “absolutely”. Case closed. Na the woman sabi book pass. Na so e be for all the technical areas. If not, how Wike take be minister of Education and Obanikoro ambassador and minister for defense?
Wenger like cheap buy no be small. E go de waka round Europe de find player wey get problem with manager. Na those ones de cheap pass. Na so e buy Kalstroom wey get back injury and expired products like Silvestre, Benayoun and na so e recycle Flamini (one match once card). Na the same thing Jonathan and im team de do. Na so dem carry Fani-Kayode. Dem buy am for garage sales hoping say e go de write masterpieces for dem. And the guy de try. E de write mastershit de post for internet. Na who no get time de read dem. The same give-away price dem take buy Doyin Okupe. Abati be like free transfer.
Arsenal fans na dem suffer pass for EPL and na so Nigerians suffer pass for Africa. Arsenal fans na dem full Man City, Chelsea, Man United. Dem de wait make Arsenal make sense make dem return. Na so Nigerians scatter all over Africa de wait make Nigeria make sense. Apart from that angle, Arsenal ticket be like Nigerian petrol pump price. The more dem de mess up, the more the fans de pay to watch dem. Oil don fall for price for international market. Since all our petrol na import, why the price go remain the same? Abi dem wan take style de take back wetin dem call subsidy wey we de doubt in the first place?
Still on Arsenal fans. Dem de die small small and dem still de get hope say something go happen. Eighteen straight years for champions league and dem no win am!!!Chelsea, Man U and Liverpool don win am. Na so e be for Jonathan too. Small things wey for dey for Nigeria no dey. Ordinary light no let dem do. But small country dem wey near us de enjoy life pass us. Wetin?
Many Arsenal fans de shout say dem no want Wenger. Na the same for Jonathan. But the Board no gree. Why na? Because the bobo de make money for dem. E build new stadium and dat na only to make more money not to win anything. Na so Jonathan sef be. We for like pursue am comot but the investors wey buy the man like shares no gree. Now, we don de see dem. Dem de call demself TAN. Dem waka everywhere de gather ojoro 27million signatures say na we sign dem. E de give im boys support to buy all the business wey dey area and dem go de tell us economic growth. Economic growth wey no de enter people pocket.
Wenger stubborn no be small. Steve Bould no de even fit answer am if e de talk for pitch. Na wetin e wan do e go do. And many times, na the wrong thing e go finally do. Buy Fabregas…NO! Buy defender…NO! Buy Remy…NO! Buy Cahill….NO! Na Welbeck go save Arsenal. Na so Jonathan sef be. E go come de tell us say many people de give am advice. Na blessing be dat na. More options to choose from, more wisdom. But in the end, na funny decision e go take.
I know say una go de ask say whether Wenger no good at all? Wenger good na. E don dey there 18 years just as PDP don dey for 16 years. But everybody wey get eye don see say Wenger no fit do pass the one e don do. E don win EPL, win FA Cup, win Emirates Cup, win Charity Shield. But Champions League…hehehehehe. Oga Jona don build university for Otuoke, e don build the road wey e fit, e don try as e fit. But 24 hours electricity or decent hospitals or funded schools?… hehehehehe….. forget
The more you de look the matter, the more you de see say Jonathan and Wenger na the same mama born dem. Make dem go siddon. Wenger go return to France de chop im money de manage one small or even big club. Make Jonathan go Otuoke or Seychelles go de chop im money. E fit marry fine girl like Ojukwu marry Bianca. How many life person get sef? …and money dey. The man no need to work ever and ever.
I have Okupe to thank for making that wild analogy because if he hadn’t, I would not have gone in search of who is best description for Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan


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