those 12 soldier dem….kill all of dem!

My people, I throway morning greeting give una this morning. I greet una with special greeting because e don tey small wey I show for dis area and even if una no miss me, me I miss una. Straight to matter.
Dis small time I comot, many thing don happen. Some don pass sef, some still de make people vex. Ebola don come, cause big wahala and we de pray make e don waka forever. Teacher dem don talk say dem no de go work until government do some kind thing for dem school. All man know say na next century before the government go provide all the thing dem de ask. If dem go go school or wait till then, we go see. Another matter wey happen na aeroplane wey carry money de go Southie…hehehehehehe. That matter still de cause trouble. Anybody wey wan talk or abuse person on dat matter, make e hurry up because we go soon forget. Nothing wey no fit happen for Nigeria and nothing wey we no go survive.
Na so we siddon one day, we hear say soldier dem vex for dem Oga. Dem say dem shoot dem GOC. Some say dem shoot put for sky because say dem de vex say dem Oga mess up. Dem say dem Oga do tactical nonsense and come allow Boko Haram to kill some of dem colleague. The thing pain the soldier dem wey make dem vex when dem see dem Oga.
Then we hear say dem catch all the soldier dem. Then we hear say dem carry dem go court martial. We only de fit de imagine wetin dem eye don see for dem barracks before dis time wey dem carry dem go court. Now we de hear say na 13 soldier guilty. One go chop wicked punishment and dem go kill the remaining twelve hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe. Wetin make me de laugh for serious matter? Dem fit? Dem fit kill dem?
Since the day dat news enter our ear, many people don de talk about the matter. Different people just de talk. Some de beg say make dem no kill people again o. Dem de beg for the soldier dem say make dem no kill dem. Some people de vex say na wicked thing say anybody de even think say make dem kill another person. Dem de feel say dis kind period say army no try at all. The way dem de treat the soldier dem no be better thing at all. So if soldier come vex, dem for suppose know say if wall no open, lizard no fit enter. On top dat one, some people de feel say justice never enter the matter. Why because the person wey cause the trouble no suppose waka free. Dem say dem sack am and we come hear say na retire. Ohooo! You cause trouble, you retire. People wey you cause trouble for, wey vex for the trouble you cause, na dem go come die. Anyway , we fit come back for dat side later if we like.
One thing I don see for dis country as e be now be say na ziggy dem de do us. Dem de write script with everything. Dem de play us, de try to read us like book. Then dem go decide the way wey dem go take wind us make we for no know. Dem go de do us and we go still de praise dem say na dem try pass. Ok, look am from dis side.
Boko Haram start, dem send soldier.
Many of the soldier die before dem know say Boko Haram no be ordinary armed robber.
When dem don see say Boko Haram baddest, dem no do anything.
Dem see Boko Haram de raid army barrack, still dem send boys with small weapon make dem go meet those kind people.
Soldier de die, de cry say dem no get equipment. Nobody hear. Dem wife sef block road for barrack, nobody hear.
Oga de take people life play ludo. E send soldier enter ambush. Dem kill dem. As dem de carry dem body return barrack, other soldiers vex. Some say dem shoot dem Oga. Others say dem shoot for air. I no know. I no dey there. Dem say na mutiny and dem carry dem go court. Den dem free dem Oga and say dem go shoot 12.

Hehehehehe. People don de beg now. Last minute, dem go pardon dem say make dem de go jail or dem go leave dem make dem comot army without benefits. Den, people go enter road de praise one Oga wey wear parachute like so. The Oga go become Mr Compassionate. The defender of prospective orphans and widows. Na una know o. As for me, I no send. MAKE DEM KILL THOSE MEN. DEM MUST NOT LET DEM GO. MAKE DEM SHOOT DEM.
Make I show you why dem no fit.
Gen Muhammadu Buhari
When the man be Head of State, the government make one law say anybody wey carry drug like cocaine say the person must die. Drug na bad thing. But dem come do one thing wey come be like mistake. Dem come carry the date for the law go back back. So the law come catch three men wey don commit dem offence before the law come. No do, no do, dem don try dem, find dem guilty. Like play like play dem shoot the boys publicly. Today, everywhere Buhari go, dem go take dat matter de swear for am. Dem de call am ‘draconian’. For the rest of im life, e no fit forget those boys.
Gen Ibrahim Babangida
Babangida take coup take become Head of State. One day, we hear news say dem do coup. Dem catch some people say na dem plan the coup. Dem try dem come find dem guilty. Dem sentence dem say dem go die and true true dem shoot dem. One of those men na Mamman Vatsa, im friend. The man na Babangida correct friend. In fact, when Vatsa de marry, na Babangida be the best man. The matter be like say e don die until 2011 election when Babangida show interest. Na so Mamman Vatsa wife begin yab am. E be like say some people de sponsor the woman to finish Babangida political career. Person wey plan coup, na im kill another person wey plan coup. Mamman Vatsa wife talk no be small. She say na Babangida sign signature wey she take become married woman. And na the same Babangida sign signature wey she take become widow. If Babangida and im supporters talk say dem no feel dat talk, na lie dem de talk. From now till forever, Babangida no fit forget Mamman Vatsa or im wife.
Dr Goodluck Jonathan
Dis na the second time wey matter de come meet this man whether e go cause problem for imself. First for Akure, dem carry money wey belong to soldier wey go peace keeping. We hear say dem go collet dollars and dem go come change am. Den dem go pay the soldiers naira. Who be mumu? Dem come de delay dem money join. As soldiers vex protest say dem de delay dem money and dem wan do mago-mago na so dem oga call am mutiny. Dem carry dem go court marshal and the next thing, dem sentence dem to death.

During dem trial, the soldier dem talk say
Dem corrupt Oga dem cut dem money wey dem pay dem for peace-keeping for Liberia. Each of them suppose get US$1,228 per month. But dem Oga dem cut am to US$300 for the whole six months. Wait, instead of US$1,228 x 6, dem wan give dem only US$300 for six months and nothing more!
Dem talk say na only Nigerian soldier de wear tear-tear uniform for Liberiaand the kit wey suppose be free, dem make dem buy am for big money. Dem also talk say na only our motor sabi breakdown.
Dem charge the soldier with mutiny. But the four senior officers wey do the deal, dem charge dem with stealing, cheating and negligence.
In end the ones wey dem find guilty among the senior officers, dem demote them by one rank. But the small soldiers wey protest, dem sentence dem to death.

People rise up come de ask question say how far? Femi Falana begin talk. In the end, e follow talk say make dem change the penalty to life imprisonment. Dem change am to life imprisonment. Then dem change am to seven years imprisonment. Den dem change am to dismissal WITHOUT ANY BENEFITS!

Dem don carry come again. Wetin Nigerian army learn from that last experience? Anyway, Jonathan dodge dat one.
Now, Oga GOC don commit and dem don catch small boy soldier dem again. Dem don sentence dem to death. Dem don set trap for Oga Jona again. But dem born am well make e let dem kill those men. E fit? If e try am, everything go change for am. To sleep for night go hard am. E go understand wetin Buhari and IBB don take dem eye see. No be easy thing to take one signature kill twelve men wey don serve dem country and wey for still de serve dem country if fuck-up no happen. Some people don run from army tey tey. Some people dey there de support Boko Haram, de leak information give dem. Some people dey there de thief money wey dem suppose take buy weapon. But dis men dem stay there de fight. Now dem wan kill dem!

Boko Haram make many widows. Now we want to make 12 more!!
Dem say if dem no kill dem, army go spoil. Those one for Akure don tell us during dem trial say army don spoil tey tey. And we sef see am with our eyes.

So make I no hear anybody de beg dem say make dem no kill those 12 soldier dem. Make de kill dem if dem fit. Make dem televise am make everybody take learn lesson. Make dem carry am go Bar Beach or for one big barracks. Make dem gather all the soldier wey de go fight Boko Haram so dat dem go witness the execution so dat nobody among dem go ever try dat kind thing.
Abi no be wetin dem want be dat? All the big Oga dem de shout say make dem kill dem. All because dem no wan make any of those boys de challenge dem when dem chop money. All of dem de talk with one voice on top dis matter. In fact, I don conclude. Make nobody beg dem. Make una kill those soldiers.
Una fit?


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