Bloodshed in Nigeria Brings Sweet Rewards

The Reward of Bloodshed Too Sweet for Nigeria Sef
One of the problem we de get for dis country na over-sabi. And when we talk of over-sabi, you fit de think say na people like professor dem we de talk about. But no be so. The people wey de do over-sabi na people wey know pass professor dem. No laugh when I tell you who dem be. Na people wey get half education de do over-sabi pass. Dem get idea of everything but nothing wey dem know fully. Still, dem no go let person hear word. People wey stop school halfway. People wey go university wry no learn anything.
The time I de teach English language for secondary school, e get one problem wey we de see that time. People go de always de come school co!e talk dem own. Parents o, education supervisors dem o, principal o, politician o, PTA member o, all of dem know how we suppose take teach English wey pikin go pass. Dem no de talk put for Mathematics and Physics o. But once na English, dem know wetin I suppose do to ‘deliver the goods’. Why I talk dis thing so? I go give you two reason.
You don hear people de talk dis thing, say “heaven helps those who help themselves”? Dem go de quote am de talk say na Bible talk am. Na lie. E no dey Bible at all. In fact, na the opposite Bible de teach. If we fit save ourself, why Jesus die?
You don hear people talk say, “the end justifies the means”? Wetin dem mean be say, anyhow anyhow, na wetin happen for end na im matter pass. E fit be true but dat no be the meaning of dis talk. The talk de really de tell us say because we get something in the end no mean say the way we take get am no matter. The talk mean say no be say we get something in the end be the only thing wey matter. The way we take get am sef matter seriously.
You see, if we de ask ourself how people de get the thing wey dem de take pose for us, thief-thief go reduce for dis country. Ok, see me o. I be government worker. But if I do one party and I come put fifty canopy and I kill twenty cow and I still bring tanker of beer. Nobody go ask me say how I take get the money. Na bad country de allow dat kind thing de happen. If person live big pass the work wey e de do, we suppose de ask am say how far.

Na dat same thing de give us trouble for area. People go de steal government money and nobody de ask question. Man wey no get work go park like five jeep. Pikin wey no finish school wey no get work go de drive two Toyota and de build house for im papa. Im papa no go ask am say “how far?” Person wey no get shop anywhere go be landlord for three or four mansions. As nobody de ask question, people de bold more and more. Kidnapper dem de carry human being go do medicine for money. One day, person broke and the next day e be millionaire and all we go talk na “baba o”!

Too many people de benefit from dis kind thing. The same thing de happen for so many things wey de involve bloodshed for dis country. The reward for bloodshed too sweet. Person go thief money, come kill person join. Dem go send police carry am. We go say thank God say one bad person don comot for area. Wait six months, e go return de chop the money e thief. All dat plenty o but the one wey hold my mind now na different one. When I get sense to de read book dat time, I try read “Gone With the Wind”. From the small I read, I come learn say money dey for to build something and money still dey for to destroy dat thing. Money come still dey for to re-build am hehehehe. Na so e be for civil war. People de die for East for 1967, people for other parts of Nigeria de party, de marry, de go school de do normal for North and West. Blood de pour and so many people de benefit. Some de run blockade, some de sell weapons and some de steal useful things. I remember the time Odumegwu Ojukwu de fight to reclaim im papa house for Lagos. Dat house for Hawksworth wey JAMB de use dat time. All people de die, dem run leave dem property, other people occupy dem de collect rent for years! Na only people wey survive the war come back to claim dem property. The others……hehehehee! E don try!

Another one dey.
Some people be oga for South West now. Na OPC dem take climb. That time, na so so fight and kill and maim and loot. Dem fight plenty for Lagos. Some people de take the name of OPC de operate cult. Some de take the name of OPC de kill dem opponent. Some take OPC de do armed robbery. Some use OPC take organize demself for election. Blood de pour and some de smile enter bank. In the end, some people become leader of the people onto say dem fit kill people or dem get people wey de help dem kill people. How dem go stop  when dem de enjoy the reward of dem wickedness.

E never finish o.
Na so e still happen for South East when one governor introduce Bakassi Boys. Dat time, MOSSOB dem still dey but Bakassi na dem superior for wickedness. Dem give dem power to de wipe out crime. Na so dem give dem open back pick-up vans. Dem go siddon for the back with shiny cutlass with red cloth wey dem tie on am. Dem go de waka for town de find thief. Dem go say dem de work on tip off. Dem go catch person and dem go say dem de carry am go dem lab. Wetin be dis lab? Dem go do juju and dem say if the person don kill person before, the cutlass go turn red. Once e happen like that the person don go be dat. Dem go carry am go the front of im papa house. Den dem go stand am there and begin de cut all im hand and leg one by one until dem go cut im head and dem go put tyre come put fire. People wey suspect say somebody kill dem family years before begin report to dem. Dem de carry suspects go lab. Dem kill some, dem free some. Na dem juju be law. Police no get mouth.
See fear for town. For 21st century na im dem de take juju check who be thief! And the state government for Anambra de support them. Anyway, people run away from town o. Political opponents know say dem no safe. See  the way dis Bakassi boys de form, de do party, DW enjoy. Blood de pour. Blood de pour, dem de drink de happy. Blood de pour, some people de smile enter bank and who wan stop dem? Na until dem oga lose election all of dem run away.

E still remain o!
Niger Delta soon start dem own. Dem begin de blow up oil things. Dem de hala de ask say make dem give dem dem right. Na on top dat one dem do Saro-Wiwa. Dem kill am and some people among im people benefit from dat wickedness. Abacha turn some of im people against am. Dem plan am well, dem kill am and some others. Before e tey, many boys rise up and the matter big. Dem kill soldier, soldier kill dem. Obasanjo enter Odi go scatter ground. The same way e scatter ground for Zakibiam. Blood everywhere. Who send anybody. Talk make you lost! People die no be small. Obasanjo say na terrorists dem kill. Jonathan later talk say na women and children dem kill. Oyinbo people sef follow die for Niger Delta. Later, things settle and money full everywhere. Asari Dokubo don get university and Tompolo get contract pass Julius Berger. All the blood wey throway, nobody de talk am. If you call dem terrorist, GOVERNMENT go tell you say shut up. Dem go say dem be activists, agitators, militants. We know wetin dem be…kidnappers and murderers! Dem kill people and now dem de chop the benefit of bloodshed. E good make dem get reward for wetin dem land de produce but blood dey inside am now. Dem give dem amnesty and dem begin de chop money. Others de look na.

E no too tey, Boko Haram come start dem own. Na inside am we dey now. Nobody for sleep again . To waka for Abuja na work now. To go watch match na risk. Dem de kill people in hundred plus at a time. Wetin be dis? Still onto this matter, everybody de point the other person say na im de do am. Buhari say na Federal Government be the biggest Boko Haram. General Azazzi say make we ask PDP. Labaran Maku say na opposition de do am. Olisa Metuh de accuse anybody e like. Muslims say dem hand no dey and Christians de ask dem whether na Bible Boko Haram de quote. Blood de pour and we de hear say some people de chop the money wey we suppose de use fight Boko Haram. Blood de pour, some people de become millionaires. Every time hundred people die, government go say na twenty. Some pressmen and government soldiers for social network go collect money de lie say na only ten people die for place wey e be say na more than one hundred die. I just tire. Dem sef don de find amnesty. Who no like to chop money? Dem shed blood pass Niger Delta, so maybe dem own money go big pass. We no kukuma know who go shed blood next make dem for collect dem own share.
We no know which side matter de go as dem carry small girls go. Army de talk pass political party. Everybody de talk. Jonathan de talk. Mark de talk. Maku de talk. Olukolade de talk. Shettima de talk. Nyako de talk. Ali Modu Sherrif de talk. WAEC de talk. Patience de talk. Protesters de talk. US de talk. Cameroon de talk. Boko Haram de talk.

Blood de pour! Money de fly. We choose who we like to believe, we go enter Facebook de argue. Blood de pour!

Example do joo! Wetin dey inside dis matter be say too many people de enjoy the reward of bloodshed for dis country and nobody de challenge dem not to talk of to do dem anything. Dat’s why dem de bold more and more every day. Na we get our country and na we go tell our country the truth. Too many people de benefit from bloodshed and dat no be better thing at all. The reward for bloodshed sweet for Nigeria. E too sweet and e no go change except we by ourself talk say, “e don do”.


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