Between Tinubu and Jonathan

My country don divide. We don divide many different way. One way we take divide na Christian and Muslim. Another one na Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba along with plenty plenty others dem. Another divide na rich and poor. The divide wey wicked pass now na Jonathan versus Tinubu. But no be so we de talk am. We de call am FG vs Opposition. The day you talk something take praise Jonathan, you be FG person. The day you tell dem say you no feel all the develop wey dem say dem develop country, dat day you be opposition.
Na so dem de divide us. But I like dis men wey de run things sha. Dem be two heavy men and dem no resemble each other for anything. Number one na “Is-a-jigi-Bola” and number two be our able and humble grass-to-grace president, Goodluck Jonathan. I like dis men but I no fit vote for dem lai-lai. Make I first tell you why I like dem and den I go tell you why I no go vote for dem.
I like the story of Jonathan as e de rise de rise. As nobody expect say the man get anything but e rise sotey e reach president. Different people contribute one time or the other. I de like as e de talk say e no get shoe. Dat thing de give hope to other pikin dem wey no get anything, say one day one day, dem go be big person. Whether na by style or by mistake, Jona de carry go. When e don wear im parachute, carry that black hat put for head, na you know the rest. People wey de help am don sew different type of cloth give am but e be like say na Yoruba dress de make am fine pass. And na Yoruba states e no fit win hehehehe…na so life be. Minus every every, me I like Jona. No bring Patience matter here. No be Patience I de write about.
As for Jigi-Bola, how person no go like am? E no go win beauty contest but if na talk contest, e don win finish. If not  for Tinubu and people like am, na one-party state we for don get for dis country. On top of say opposition dey, PDP still de do anyhow. Wetin dem for de take person eye see if dem no get opposition nko? Anyway, Tinubu help snatch South-West from PDP and dat thing de balance area now. But dat thing de vex some people like mad. If dem say make we call the name of people wey no like Tinubu, dem planty and most of them na Yoruba people.  No matter how dem abuse am reach, the bobo no send. E no kukuma big or strong but the word wey e de talk strong pass iron. If e don wear im glass, bend im eye like person wey never sleep for one year, with that cap on top im head, some people go de shake.
I like Bola Ahmed Tinubu. I like Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe (how man wey no be Igbo take get two Igbo name tire me). But if na vote matter, I no de vote for dem two.
Tinubu don try for im  people and e don try for imself. Wetin again man go de want. Na the kind thing wey do Abiola be dat. Wetin person want wey Abiola no get two or three? Still, e wan enter politico. See as dat politico chop the man come nearly scatter family. Tinubu try no be small. Carry two term for governor of a whole Lagos. Carry senator even from before that time. Im wife try well well, come win election enter Senate. No be yam and beans o! Im daughter come de run things for market level. On top dat one, e get politico pikin all everywhere. If the man talk say e no work again, hunger no go catch am for ten years. Dem find find find wetin dem go take show am pepper. Dem say e get house for all everywhere for UK. Dem say na drug baron. Dem say im certificate no forged. Finally, dem say e get foreign bank account the time e be governor. Dem drag o boy reach Abuja come put am for dock. When dem tire, na the same way dem take return Adedibu to Ibadan, na so dem return Tinubu to Lagos. Na heavy man be dat man but I no fit vote am. E don try. Make e comot small make some of us try small. Oga na kingmaker now. Make e no just bother de go do pass like that.
On the other hand, Jona na superman. Correct person but e too slow when we need attention. Every time na so people go surround am de give am all kind advice. Even from outside, we de know say some of dis advice no good. But everybody get im own master. E de be like say dem de work with Jona but dem Oga na another person. Jona go de see people de fuck up, de make wrong move and e go keep quiet. We no de know whether na wisdom abi na confusion. Wetin make me no wan vote for am? One reason be say im government get many wrong people. Two be say im people too lie. We no de know who to believe sef. For Abacha time, na DMI (Directorate of Military Intelligence) we de fear. Now, e be like say na DSS we go de fear. Jona don do local government, do deputy governor, do governor, do vice president and now president. For me, e don do for one person.
Between dis two men, country de hot. Two of dem get where dem go run go if dem mess up country. Even if we kill ourself for campaign or election, dem go live dem life like normal. If na matter of vote, I no go vote the two as president or vice president. Na so I see am. You make you decide how you wan paddle your own canoe.


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