If God punish us for corruption, who go free?

Sometime, something de happen to me wey I no know whether e de do other people. I go read something or hear something but I no go laugh. Later later, I go remember the thing and only me go de laugh. If people dey there, e go be like say man don craze. The one I de remember so na the women wey come Jonathan conference wey talk say make dem de castrate people wey do rape. I been de read for one place say man fit rape im wife. Say if the man wan do and im wife say she no do, if the man by-force am, e don enter am be dat. We go cut the man thing for that kind case too? I still de hear some people talk say women sef de rape men. If dat na true, wetin make we do the woman wey rape man? Heheheheh.
Another thing wey dem talk for Jonathan conference wey de sweet me under be say make dem execute anybody wey steal government money. Which mean to say, make we catch anybody wey steal government money and make we tie am with rope join tree, den make we shoot am die. Halleluyah! We don finally see how to reduce our population as 160 million too much sef. But the first question I ask myself be dis one. If we shoot all the people wey chop government money wey come that conference, how many people go reach home from that conference?
Different different time, some people don suggest all kind thing. Some people say make we take Sango and Sopanna de swear instead of Bible and Quran. Dem say God too gentle but if na devil, na sharp sharp e go come collect the spirit of bad people. That’s why I come say make we pray one prayer before we call devil. Some people don talk say dem no corrupt. Some time, when dem de talk about corruption, people go de point other people to show say na other people corrupt. PDP say na APC and APC say na PDP. Ministry say na worker and worker say na minister and minister say na police and police say na armed robber and armed robber say na governor and governor say na Federal Government and Federal Government say na opposition and opposition say na government propaganda people and government loudmouth dem say na bad education and teacher, teachers say na lecturer and lecturer say na student and student say na parents and parents say na economy and economy say anybody wey call im name de craze.
Na so we de scatter-point hand and nobody commit and everybody de blame other people and area de spoil. That’s why I wan pray. If you fit say amen to all the prayer point, den no be you de spoil country.
Where make I start? Ok, make I start among religious leaders
Anybody wey de deceive people say God tell am wetin God no talk
Anybody wey open church or mosque just to chop people money
Anybody wey de tell people prophecy wey dem manufacture by demself
Anybody wey de go church go catch woman
Any girl wey de take dressing set trap for people for church
Anybody wey de give fake testimony make e for attract something
Anybody wey de take God people do business
All religious leader wey get girlfriend or boyfriend for corner
All religious leaders wey say dem no de drink but dem go hide finish carton
Any religious leader wey de deceive worshippers
Make we enter school
All the people wey de use fake result
All the people wey de do fake result for people
All the people wey de help children cheat for exam
All proprietors wey de use dem school as clearing house for malpractive
All teacher wey de pass people wey suppose fail
All teacher wey de sleep with babes for mark
All teacher wey de steal student money with fake handout
Any teacher wey sell and or expose examination question for cash or kind
Anybody wey give people admission wey no pass entrance exam
Any VC etc wey get girlfriend among student and help am get fine grade
Any officer wey appoint wrong person to position for personal reason
Anybody wey favour im family and friend over people wey better pass dem
Oya make we enter ministry
Anybody wey take money wey no be im salary and allowance
Anybody wey hide another person file take punish the person
Anybody wey collect any kobo in the process to award CONTRACT
Any official wey ask or receive money, house, motor to facilitate contract
Any ministry person wey lie to im wife carry babe go somewhere
Anybody wey collect money to help do any illegal business
Anybody wey help minister pr perm sec thief money or cover up fraud
Anybody wey build house or buy motor from illegal money collection
Anybody wey talk say ‘no money’ but e get secret account
Anybody wey get asset wey I no declare
Any minister wey spend kobo pass im legitimate money
Anybody wey cover up any thief-thief for ministry
Make we reach forces
Any forceman wey beat civilian for street
Any forceman wey kill innocent citizen
Any custom wey de drive motor dem seize for border
Any forceman wey convert anybody property to im own by force
Any forceman wey get detention facility for im private house
Any forceman wey de live on money wey e thif while in power
Any police wey torture person for cell
Any army, police, prison, immigration, custom, NSCDC wey get fake credential
We go enter business?
Anybody wey talk fake statistics de lie give us
Anybody wey divert money or aid from people wey suppose get am
Anybody wey de thief people money for bank with different style
Anybody wey de thief people tax and pension, savings
Anybody wey de import, distribute or sell wetin dem know say na fake
Any doctor wey de take people life do business
Any doctor wey de trwat wetin e no understand just for money
Any doctor wey do CS for woman wey no get problem
Any transporter wey de use motor wey e know say e no good
Any businessman wey just de front for government officials
Every 419 and dem family
Politicians think say we forget
Anybody wey kill or injure anybody
Anybody wey thief government money
Anybody wey reduce quality of contract to get money
Anybody wey collect job slots to sell to people
Anybody wey vote twice
Anybody wey carry ballot box
Anybody wey pay thugs to work for am
Anybody wey change election result
Anybody wey be godfather to take thief money or control elected officer
Anybody wey divert public fund
Anybody wey register twice or more for election
Anybody wey open false Facebook to take talk politics
Anybody wey know truth but e de talk lie
Anybody wey build house or buy motor with public fund
Anybody wey de mislead people wey dey power
O boy, plenty still remain o!
Anybody wey take another person land
Anybody wey do ritual
Anybody wey chop winch or join bad society
Any radio or TV station wey de talk lie
Anybody wey wan cheat for 2015 election
Anybody wey de oppress another person
I know say you talk amen for some and you no talk for some. And dem say we no get problem of corruption. Oya go back to the beginning. If you know say you no corrupt, talk amen for all dis prayer dem. Dis corruption matter don enter our blood. Some big some small but almost everybody de do im own. Na so make we leave am?


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