Tokunbo leaders and osmosis leaders for Naija

I de remember the time wey we small. Dat time, dem go send us buy Peak or Carnation milk and dem go say make we make sure say we buy original. Dat time, my papa go say make dem help am buy spare part. Original go be like six hundred naira whereas tokunbo go be like three hundred and fifty naira. Dat time, original part de cost pass tokunbo.
But today, the meaning of original don change. If you go meet mechanic now, e go tell you say na tokunbo motor part better pass original. You go de wonder why dat one go be true. How something new go come bad pass something when dem don use already before dem transfer am go another motor? The time I first hear dis kind talk na the time I wan change plug. Na so dem tell me say new plug no go pay me. Dem say make I go buy tokunbo. Na so I come de ask why but nobody fit give me answer. So I come de think say, maybe the original no go work well because e go be like new cloth wey de patch old cloth, the way the Bible take talk am. The cloth go come tear pass before.
The more I de think dat thing, the more I de wonder say the only way wey tokunbo go better pass original be say if the original na fake. So e go better make we buy the one wey we don sure say e don work wella for another machine. That thing de pain me when I think am go the area of leadership for my country.
Some of our leaders na tokunbo. The reason wey dem take de lead us no be say dem sabi. But the reason be say dem don do the kind of work before. Whether dem do am well o, abi whether na swear dem de swear for dem until dem comot for office no come matter. The only thing dem de mention be say dem be ‘experienced’. Dem go do many many poster, and dem go label demsef “TESTED AND TRUSTED”. Na dat one cause katakata the day when dem do the last election debate for who go be governor of Lagos State. Fashola dey there and dem don de look am as rude boy. Fashola no de dull na. as dem come wan de try demself, na so Fashola talk say im no get problem with the age of the candidate of the other party dem. But e say im get problem with the age of dem idea. Hahahahahahaha! I wan laugh forget my name. Which mean to say, person fit never old sef but the idea dem wey dey im head don expire since tey tey. Na so tokunbo leaders be. Dem don burn all dem calories for one place and na dem contribute wey area take spoil like so. But the place sweet and dem no wan retire. Who no know say e de sweet to de chop another man money? Another funny thing be say, the tokunbo leaders fit de find make dem enter post wey high pass the one wey dem fail before. How person go collect promotion on top exam wey e fail?
Another type of leader wey we for Nigeria be osmosis leaer. Osmosis leader be like dat osmosis and diffusion wey dem teach us for Biology. Dem be osmosis leaders but wetin we need na diffusion leaders. Wetin be the difference? Make I explain am give you. Osmosis de carry material from where the thing small pass, de carry go where the thing big pass. Diffusion de carry material from where the thing plenty pass go the side wey the thing small pass. Dat mean to say, the leader wey be Osmosis, go de thief the thing wey e suppose give small people carry de give imself and people wey be godfather. Whereas the leader wey be diffusion go de carry things comot from the hand of those wey get too much and de give am to people wey manage get small.
For dis country wey poor people plenty like sand, any leader wey get plan to de osmosis us, na bad person and thunder suppose fire am. No be only we place dis kind thing dey o. If you remember the legend of Robin Hood, and the legend of Zoro, na oyinbo film. Inside dis film dem, the actor de thief from big people and carry go give small people. Dat kind film de teach leaders say dem suppose de give the poor notto de pack everything go give the rich again. Dem plenty wey de do dis thing for dis country. You go see where big man pikin do wedding, the gift you go see there go reach everythingwey dey inside shoprite. When Tu Face do wedding, na so Uncommon Governor wan take uncommon gift take would the bride and the groom. Small time, e go reach time to go Mecca and Jerusalem. Na the same big big people na dem go collect government money take go de add Alhaji and JP to dem name. even government sef de join. You go see small businessman. Dem go nearly take double taxation finish im life. On tp dat one, local government go come. Dem go collect money for land, for light, for breeze. Small time sef, if you mess, you go pay local government. But if na Dangote, na import waiver e go collect. Custom go dey border de play dem game. Dem go carry poor man motor de do auction. Na yeye thing be dat. Na dat type be osmosis wey de make rich man richer and poor man poorer.
Another type of leader dey, wey I wan talk about. Na dem be the new original spare part. Some time, e go de be us like say na new generation na dem go solve all the problem wey dey dis country. E de make us happy when young people win election or hold high offices for we country. But when you look well, you go remember say mechanic don first tell us say new part no good. Wetin go come cause am wey young people no go fit perform well? Some say make we ask Niyi Adebayo, other people say make we ask Dimeji Bankole. Someone wan mention Salisu Buhari sef. Why e be say all dis young people de fall we hand sef? Na because say from the beginning, dem no be wetin dem talk say dem be. Many na extension of the tokunbo and osmosis leaders. Many no get qualification wey dem talk say dem get. Some know book but dem no get village sense. Many na conduit pipe wey dem oga de take thief money. Many sef no understand wetin dem de do. The only thing dem know na chop money, go party, wear big cloth, drive big motor, follow fine women, marry new wife,carry dem wife go born for Ghana, South Africa and UK. If dem gather money, instead to do better for the people wey vote for dem, na godfather dem go de follow so dat dem go fit go from local government to state assembly, and from there to national assembly or minister. From there, dem go de eye governor.  If we shout too much, dem go come sink borehole for us. We go collect small chop. We go wear uniform, carry out drum and dance ourself stupid. If our wife ask us whether we no de think, we go beat am pursue am outside. Meanwhile, area go de spoil de go.
So dat’s why I wan ask una dis question. ‘When we go get leaders for dis country sef?’ Abi we go tell Dangote make e help us import leaders join flour, sugar, pasta, salt, cement…………………mtsheeeeeew!!


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