Nothing do we government. Na we de craze!!

When something do person and the person cry cry cry and e no fit cry again, the person fit begin laugh. That laugh na bad laugh because na the boundary between sense and craze na there the person don reach so. At the same time, e get wetin person de see, e no go see word take talk again. E go de look , de boil for under. This one sef dangerous because any person wey just by mistake go offend that kind person go chop punishment pass im offence. You go don de think say I wan abuse government abi? Haaaa! No put me for trouble. How I go abuse government? The one we join abuse dem before, wetin happen? Dem change abi dem listen? Nothing wey we wan talk pass the one wey we don talk.
Make I count dem for you.
When dem carry price of petrol go up, we talk. Dem hear?
When dem de take money buy bullet proof car, we talk. Dem hear?
When dem remove Justice Salami, we talk. Dem hear?
When Jonah Jang elect imself, we talk. Dem hear?
When dem free Alams, we shout. Dem hear?
When dem do magic election for Anambra, we talk. Dem hear?
When Rivers State governor come be two, we talk. Dem hear?
When dem say dem go do Centenary party, we shout. Dem hear?
When dem say dem go do Confusion Confer…sorry National Conference, we still talk. Dem hear?
I wan ask you question. All the talk we de talk is equal to wetin? Dem go still do wetin dem want. One of my student tell me say when she de try correct im friend, na so so fight dem de fight. But as e come de hail am when e do wrong, everything turn to bread and butter. So from now on, make I de hail government as abuse no work.
Government carry go jare.
Nothing wrong in freeing Alams. In fact, make e de go Senate go make law to stop money laundering. Abi na im be the first person to chop money? Abi na im be the first to tie wrapper, wear make-up? Derenle Edun don de do am tey tey, and Charlie Boy too be like say dem do am. I no sure o!!
Government do well as dem fire Sanusi. God punish am. Na only am sabi banking? Money lost, e find out. Instead make e enter Area go talk small small. Sometime, dem fit give am small, e de shout for press. Now, dem kuku say dem see am for Boko haram uniform. Who de talk of $20b? Come take na! Monkey come chop banana.Abi na your papa money miss? Wetin wrong if Oga Okupe and Oga Abati and other people chop money? Abeg wait for your own turn.
Nothing do our government. Na me and you wey no well.
No be me and you go die for NIS recruitment? Na government say make we no strong? Na government say make you go build house de live for where Boko Haram de do morning drill? We see people carry gun de shoot other people die and we de call dem Fulani herdsmen. Na gun dem de take control cattle?
Some of us go enter Facebook go de shout. Government sharp na. dem sef get troops for Facebook. You make any mistake ask say which kind economics Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala learn wey nobody wey no be PDP de fit understand. Before you press ‘send’ finish, dem don answer you. Dem go abuse your papa, threaten your sister and promise you say If dem catch you, na hellfire straight. If you think say na lie, make I tell you wetin to post make you see fire.

1.Gen. Azazzi talk say make we ask PDP about Boko Haram. Small time, the man die. Wetin the man mean?
2. All dis statistics wey de show say Nigeria de improve, na until we die before we go see how the thing go change our life?

3. Wey the light wey dem tell us say dem wan give us dat time wey dem sell NEPA give demself?
4. If Oga stay seven years for power and e no fit change our life, wetin make am de find another four years?
5. If corruption no be our problem, wetin come be our problem?
6. When we go probe NNPC, abeg?

No be me send you o. me I don port from opposition to government supporter. Sometime, small change go enter man pikin pocket.


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