Corruption is not our problem: na true Oga talk!

Some people de vex say Oga talk say no be corruption be our problem. Me I gree with Oga and I no fit understand why una de argue. I no wan talk plenty talk. Na true say na every side we show face, na im we de see Naija people de do sharp sharp deal. But dat no be corruption, na hustling. Na re-distribution of wealth. Na re-arrangement. Na osmosis and diffusion. Money gat to move from region of higher concentration to region of lower concentration. And Naija boys get to move up from region of low concentration to region of high concentration.
Dis re-arrangement de happen for every area. E dey for church and e dey for mosque. E dey government office and e dey for inside family house. Government officer dem de perform and police de organize. Army de bulldoze, local government chairman de administer. Traditional rulers de officiate and secondary and university teacher dem de appropriate. Custom, road safety and immigration de re-design. Everybody busy de do something. Dem go get name for the thing wey dem de do. Carpenter na woodworks, mechanic na engineer and labourer na horticulturist. For Naija, nobody be thief.
God de transforms us and Jonathan na the agent. If Tompolo fit become security consultant and Asari become owner of university. If Gani Adams fit become OPC and Yoruba leader and Omisore fit be governorship aspirant, there is nothing wey God no fit do for you. If Wike fit be minister for education and Mama Peace the Dame fir resurrect for Germany, nothing wey no fit happen for you, say amen.
Back to the matter. Why be say corruption no be our problem? I go tell you. The reason be say corruption na our way and no be new thing. E get wetin dem de call conduit system when person de build house. That mean to say, as dem de build the house, dem don make room for where wire go pass. That mean to say, when the wiring don finish, you no go de see wire for wall. All the wire go don dey inside wall. Na so be Nigeria wahala. The people wey build Nigeria, dem don make room where corruption go de take de happen make nobody de see am. Na only people wey greedy, wey no de follow inside the conduit pipe, na dem de lay wire for outside again. Farouk for example. DEM SAY the man wan collect for back. DEM SAY o! Oduah own sef. DEM SAY she de claim school wey she no go and den she de buy armoured tank when no be say she de go warfront. Na hear I hear am o, I no say e no fit be true. I just want make you sef see say no be true.
Finally my brethren, when Oga say corruption no be we problem, na correct talk be dat. Make una find another thing talk


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