Revolution…? Abeg talk another thing jare!

The talk wey dey ground today na critical matter. Before person go talk am, person go first talk one or two thing so that nobody go talk say we de cause riot. If you talk some kind things now, some people go talk say you de incite other people against government. Nobody de remember people wey de incite government against dem people. Abi you neva think am go dat side? All the people wey de go give government anti-people advice say nothing go happen, no be say dem de incite government against people be dat?
If I talk some kind thing, some people go say I de encourage revolution. Some people de talk everyday say we need revolution. Which kind yeye revolution be dat sef?  Me I no believe in revolution. Revolution suppose be say people don tire and dem come talk say dem no do again until something change. But na lie. Today world, dem de plan revolution from  start to finish. Then dem go plan demself put for the correct positions. For George Orwell book wey be Animal Farm, I don see say e no go solve our problem. Na only to change people wey de chop be dat. The only revolu-anything we need na to say no when dem bring bag of rice for election year. We fit? We need revolution for sense, inside our head first. Gun revolution don fail for Egypt,  Syria, Libya…the list long.
How I know? Oya, as many people no de read book again, make I tell una small from  Animal Farm. Na so the animals by annoyance pursue Mr Jones wey get farm comot. Dem come de lead themselves. As matter be, na only the pig dem get sense pass and dem come de lead everybody. At first, everything de waka well. But the next day, na so dem come see say some apple fall from tree. Dem come gather am come. Dem come see say dem need to milk the cows. Na the pig dem manage take dem front leg take do am. Na so apple and milk come dey ground. Dem de look say wetin wan happen. No forget say na the best food for the farm be dat and na human beings de chop am until then. Dat apple and milk be like the money wey dey NNPC, and other money wey comot from government business. So everybody de look say, how e go be.
Small time, the pig dem say, guys make we de go work first. When we come, we go know how levels go be. Na so the animal dem go work. By the time dem de return, no apple, no milk. How far? E no tey, dem send one pig explain give dem say science don show say apple and milk good for the development of pig dem brain. Dem explain say no be say pig de like dat kind thing o. In fact, dem hate am. But make dem brain for de work so dat dem go fit make sure say wicked people no come back come take back the farm from dem. Abi dem go like make Mr Jones come back? Na so the animal dem shout say ‘NO’. If anything, Jones must not come back. So dem come decide say, no be only the apple wey fall dem go give the pig dem. Dem decide say even when dem pluck the apple proper, na the pig dem alone go de chop am, join the milk hehehehehe!
The point I de make for here so be say, na from the day after the revolution na im some people don de arrange demself. As long as something dey to share and to chop, we go always de do like people wey smoke mosquito coil.
For on top dat farm level, two pig dem dey there. One na Snowball wey believe in revolution. The guy de work like craze make e change everything, make life for better for every animal. But another pig dey wey be Napoleon. Dat one de form democrat. Dem born nine dogs, e carry dem go hide come train dem like snipers. Na only am the dog dem de listen to. Anything Snowball talk, Napoleon go talk the opposite. HEAR THIS ONE. The only time dem de talk the same thing na when time reach to carry go share, like apple and milk. Dem both gree for dat one. Anything Snowball plan, Napoleon go say na rubbish. (Dem come de resemble APC  and PDP sef). One day, Napoleon carry the dog dem pursue Snowball comot and e come take over. Napoleon come re-arrange. All the idea wey Snowball been bring, Napolean say na im get the idea. The time dem fight war sef, wey Mr Jones try take back the farm, Napoleon re-arrange the story say na im plan the battle. The truth be say the bobo run go hide when e hear the sound of gun.
Dem do do do for dat farm sotey dem break all the rules wey dem make and until dem scatter the place completely!!!! You wan hear more abi. Yeye de smell. If dem say make you go read book, you go carry phone go de ping and Facebook. Go buy Animal Farm by George Orwell make you read your own.
The point wey I de show you here again be say, dem go always de arrange us. Today for area now, we no fit know who de talk true. We no know Snowball and we no know Napoleon. We own na to de shout follow who go share small give us. How much dem de share give us sef? The one wey de collect from politician go collect N50k per activist. E go cut am to N30k and e go hide N20K from each person money. The next person go receive N30k per member of im own circle. E go short am before e give to the next person. When the money finally reach the boys wey de carry ballot box, e go remain like N5k per person. Out of that N5k, boys go still square dem superior like N500 to N1k in order make dat route for still de open. Na so we be. Dem de arrange us in descending order. And we de suffer in ascending order. Na people for up collect money pass but na people for down de die pass when yawa happen.
All the people wey de arrange us give government, na dem dangerous pass government. Na dem know as we be. Na dem go tell government say, why you wan go build reservoir? Sink one borehole and everybody go praise you. Na dem go tell government say, why you wan build 50 kilometer road true true. Who wan carry tape-rule go measure am. Short and to 30 kilometre jare, make boys see something hold. Na dem de help government check who get wahala pass for Facebook and na dem sef de talk say make government do fuck-up. Afterall, na only shout we go shout and we go forget. Na those people de incite government against people.
Na this one be the ugly side of this matter. The government o. The people wey de fight government with good mind o. the people wey de fight government with bad mind o. The people wey de support government with good mind o. The people wey de support government make dem for chop o…ALL OF DEM NO DE TELL US TRUTH! The only time dem de agree na when something dey to share for the boys. Tomorrow dem go say make we come die for revolution. Then dem go re-arrange.
Anyhow you look am, na we lose. Swear no de hard to find for our mouth na. Na dat one we no de pay for. And we no need dictionary to arrange swear for person. Anybody wey de incite people against government and anybody wey de incite government against people, make dem be like Sodom and Gomorrah!!Animal Farm


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