N12.5m for Two animals, abeg who wan port go Aso Rock Zoo

Stop Complaining and Port to Aso Rock Zoo
The time Saka de sing dat im craze song, I don port o, the bobo fit no know say that im song go useful pass MTN advert. For the last one week, people de voke for Naija sake of say dem hear say dem FG budget heavy money to take care of animal for Aso Rock zoo.
Naija people wetin de do una sef? Make we no de backward na. as early as 1912 wey Titanic sink, na since dat time oyinbo don show us say animal na equal to man. I hear the story when I dey for Uniben say one woman for inside Titanic wan put her dog for the lifeboat wey no reach everybody before. As dem tell am say no, na so she go back to the ship wey de sink. She feel say e kuku better to die with the dog than to leave the dog to die alone heheheheheheehe. Na wicked laugh I de laugh so. When we all hear say dem wan spend million on top animal, some people de vex, na because dem never open eye. Animal good na. Dem be our friend and some reason dey wey for make big oga people de prefer animal.
Animal de always respect and protect person wey de give am food. But some human being na chop and clean mouth dem be. Dem go chop with PDP only to run go APC.
Animal no de abuse dem oga for Facebook. Dem no de get two face. One profile for to praise oga and another fake one to de abuse am de leak im secret.
Animal no de write petition and dem no de write open letter. Anything dem wan talk, na the same way dem de talk am.
Animal de stay quiet for cage. Anyhow e be, dem go stay inside dem cage. Unlike some people wey be say dem no fit stay for one place . Na to de waka de find where dem go see money chop that’s all.
You see now? It is easier to trust the animals in Aso Zoo than some politicians wey no get ideology .
But again o. na who get another source of meat, na dem de talk animal conservation. I go see Rabbit for farm, pursue am make I catch am, you go tell me say make I leave am. You go buy meat for me? Yoruba people get one adage say person wen dem de train no de train dog. Na for dat level dis animal talk come bend. We say make Oga work for us. We de feed am. If e say e wan de short im own ration take de look after animal, na im know. I remember when we small. Mama go give us one fowl say na we own. We go nearly de follow the fowl up and down. Anything dem give us chop we go give the fowl small. Mama no de complain. But the day we go carry everybody food go give dog, dat day na two different leg go enter one trouser.
Na the thing wey de vex Naija people for dis matter be dat. How dem wan take N14.5m feed two animal? Na 5-star food dem de chop? When dis matter come up, people de carry calculator de ask say, ‘how many years I go work before my total salary go reach N14.5 million? Plus 8 million to renovate zoo and N15 million to re-build where dem de keep dem horse. You see, like say we de get money well well for the work we de do, dis money no go de fear us. How much civil servant de get as retirement benefit after 35 years for office sef?
Ok, I still get question.
Which animal be those animal? Which time the animal dem enter Aso Rock, under which person government? Where dem buy dem and how much? Wetin dem de take dem do? The horse dem too. Wetin dem de take dem do?
Anyway, the vexiest thing for the whole matter be say the animal de live better than 85% of Nigerians and dem accommodation better pass those of more than 85% of Naija people. That’s why I de ask say, na who wan port go there go follow the animal dem enjoy N14.5?

Below, na one of the newspaper clip on the matter

Reacting to the development, many Nigerians
wonder why, despite the tell-tale signs of poverty
and hunger in the country, the FG would give
priority attention to animals at the expense of
human beings.
A reader on punchng.com , Momoh Abdul-Razaq,
describes the budgets for the animals and the
maintenance of the zoo as an insult on the
collective intelligence of Nigerians.
Abdul-Razaq dares President Goodluck Jonathan
to prove to Nigerians that the budget estimates
for the animals will impact positively on his
performance in office.
He says, “I have been working for close to 10
years now and I have never seen a million naira
nor come close to spending same, yet two
animals have over N14 m budgeted for them!
What is my salary in a year? Do they know how
many boreholes that N14million can sink in a
Nigerian village or town?
“Yet when you criticise them (FG) some people
among us call you all kinds of unprintable names.
How will the animals help Jonathan to perform his
duties better? If the President needs relaxation
alone or in company with others, can’t he go
“Why do our leaders insult our intelligence like
this? I cannot believe an animal has more money
budgeted for it than a human being, despite all
the efforts we put in at work daily. Honestly, I feel
like telling them that God will punish them all, but
I will not do it. Instead, I will say to them: may
God reward you all.”
As the debate raged online, a respondent on
punchng.com , Babakeu, asked the President four
questions that are centred on the controversial
budgetary allocation for the animals.
He insisted that Jonathan must provide tangible
answers to the questions before the National
Assembly approves the allocation, which he
describes as reflecting the President’s “inordinate
Babakeu said, “I think that we should all ask
Jonathan the following questions: What benefits
will the spending of roughly N38m on the feeding,
security and housing of two wilds animals will
bring to all Nigerians?
“Is Jonathan not receiving salaries from which he
can earmark some money to feed and train his
two wild animals?
“Is FIFA organising a tournament in which every
qualified country is invited to participate with their
national teams of wild animals for the purpose of
awarding medals?
“Finally, are those two wild animals part of our
national assets on which our collective wealth
must be squandered or budgeted for?
“If the above five questions cannot be answered
by Jonathan, do we still then need this kind of
extravagant fellow at the helms of the affairs of
this country?”
A respondent on Twitter, Bassey, says that in view
of the current situation in the country, the budget
proposals for the animals could only be tenable if
the zoo project was meant for commercial
“I see it that we are getting wild animals at Aso
Rock. Is it another developmental goal of this
administration to better lives of the people? I’d
rather they build a zoo with that kind of money
and earn revenue from it. But I’m not a citizen
who doesn’t know the way government works,”
Bassey states.
Expressing his anger with the Jonathan
administration, one Oloyede Oyewale-Hastings
writes on Facebook, “Our leaders are insensitive
to the plight of the governed. How on earth can a
sensible being wish to budget and expend such a
large sum of money on ordinary animals while
human beings that were created by God in His
own image toil to eke out a living?



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