Kumuyi de talk im own

Kumuyi de talk im own. I de do my own
Sometime, fire go start to burn, we go call fire service if dem get petrol to drive dem motor or dem get water to quench fire. But e get some kind fire wey water no de quench. E neva tey wey Chris Okotie light fire when e tell Roman Catholics say dem de mess up and dem no go see space for heaven. See wahala. No name wey dem no call the man. Dem help am remember say na nightclub be the seminary wey im go. Dem tell am say like say if im be correct person, im wife no go sky leave am. Dem bring photo wey the man de preach and body guard with bullet proof vest stand everywhere. Dat photo no be small thing but I no too de believe photo since the time oyinbo do photoshop. All dat to show say the man don craze!
That matter still dey ground when Pastor Kumuyi scatter ground again. I see am for Punch say the man talk say make im member dem no just try go near anything dem call Christmas. E say the thing na idol worship. Normal normal, na Roman Catholic people again dem take style point say na dem cut the head of one thing take go join the body of another thing. The word never cold wey dem answer am. Some say the man don start again. Before before, im member dem de wear gown wey be like William Shakespeare dem time but now dem don change. The man wan carry dem back to that time? Dem say Deeper Life people don de buy better motor and don de watch tv, so which level the man carry come again?
Wetin Kumuyi tell im members be say na Annual December Convention dem de do, no be Christmas. The man talk say the festival no dey for Bible and say all that carol wey we de sing no be am. Say the duty of Christian na to make people resemble Jesus more and more, no be to de join worldly celebration. The man come talk say any of the church leader wey try bring Christmas enter church go chop cane. Who de vex for the man? Afterall na im member e tell. E even say who wan do celebration, say door dey open. Make e waka. Ok o. na shepherd man de protect im sheep so anything God say make e talk, make e de talk de go.
Make we talk true o. We don read am say na Roman Emperor wey im name be Constantine na im take style join Christian and idol worship when the man don tire to de fight Christians and e no fit stop dem. E come bring the image of dat woman wey carry pikin wey dem don de worship sun god before. E convert the woman to Mary and the baby to Jesus. E come choose date say make we take de celebrate. Na so the thing go grow reach this Christmas wey we de do now. Sometime, Roman Catholics de call Constantine as one of dem pope but enough people dey wey fit swear say the man no repent half day sef. Some Roman Catholic sef say na wrong info be dat. But everybody gree say the man openly say im convert to be Christian.
Ok o. the Director of Social Communication, Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos, Monsignor Gabriel Osu enter matter at once. First, e say im no understand wetin Kumuyi mean by say to celebrate Christmas wrong.  Say like say na the way we don turn Christmas to market the pastor de vex for, e for be different matter. E talk say, God promise to redeem this world and God do as E promise wey make am send Jesus. Therefore na the promise wey God fulfil we de celebrate.  Vex catch Monsignor Osu small o because e talk say how Kumuyi go de condemn Christmas when im see Kumuyi for tv for the Christmas Carol dem do for Akwa Ibom State. Na so. Kumuyi fit go there go convert people na, abi no be im work?
Again, one spokesman for Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Oshodi Chapter, Pastor Barnabas Otoibhi  sef join matter. E talk say wetin Christmas stand for pass the place wey Christmas from comot. E say na true say dem fit trace Christmas go back to Roman Emperor Constantine, and Christmas be the day wey people de worship sun god, but say as Constantine come become Christian, na so dem change am take de remember the time dem born Jesus. So nothing wrong make people honour Jesus.
The trouble me I see for the CAN pastor talk be say people still de talk say no time wey Constantine ever become Christian. All na strategy to pour water inside Christianity dat time.
So, make we do Christmas abi make we no do? Make we look the thing wey we all agree first.
Everybody gree say Constantine na  Emperor.
Everybody gree say dem born Jesus.
Everybody gree say no be December 25. Even October people sef no de there the time.
Everybody gree say we don turn Christmas to another thing wey no be to honour Jesus.
The question wey remain come be say
Because na Constatine start am and because im mind no clean, we no fit turn am to advantage? Sebi na for we front all the PDP people de turn to APC and we de believe say dem go do better?
Because you no want make your church people make mistake go de worship Christmas instead of Jesus Christ, dat one reach to ban Christmas patapata?
Because dem no write am for Bible say make I de brush my teeth for morning and evening, dat one come mean say e no be scriptural? So we no fit take one day take remember say God fulfil im promise as dem talk?
The time dem crucify Jesus, Bible talk say dem naked am. So if we wan act am for drama or film, we go……..? Just as we de do communion take de remember, we no fit do Christmas take remember?
As Christmas mean nothing for some people, e still get people wey de decide to serve God more and more as dem de remember the coming of Jesus abi? People no dey wey de use Christmas to good advantage?
Too many talk. I get one question only. ABEG, PERSON WEY CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS , E GO ENTER HELL FIRE?
If the answer na NO, make you free me o. And until you answer that one…..

……………………………………………………….M E R R Y C H R I S T M A S!!!!…………………………


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