APC wicked people… Una wan kill Okupe!!

APC PEOPLE TOO WICKED…Una wan Kill Oga Doyin Okupe before im time?
Wait o. Something de happen wey no good. Somebody don de do bad thing. Who be dat? Na APC. Dem wan take style kill Oga Doyin. Abi na bad thing say person take work from government? Wait make we look dis matter sharpily critically.
Oga Doyin don do politics and the thing neva pay in the Nigerian sense. The man de pray de work de look de wait. As e come be, God come choose say na time to bless am. I know say some people go talk say no be like so God de take bless person. But dat one pass me. Wetin be matter be say God bless am come give am job. As soon as APC see who dem give job, na so dem begin shout say dem don give cat fish say make e keep. Dem say the man na attack dog. The man de kukuma get time to answer. The man tell dem say im na attack lion no be attack dog.
As matter come de go, na so true true, na so so attack e de attack some people wey de vex am. Anybody wey just talk say Oga no go drink water keep  cup, na so Oga Doyin go carry fight enter im doormouth. But these days, as Tukurvirus de spread (Tukurvirus na new Trojan horse), person no come know how levels come be for Oga Doyin.
That is why I de write dis appeal say make una leave Oga Doyin make e no go wound. Haba!! Too many things dey table. How una want make the man de cope. Amaechi file dey there. Baraje file dey der. Dipo Melaiye get file. Lai Mohammed no get file. Na complete cabinet the man get for there. Tinubu matter don pass cabinet. Na store dem clear for the man matter. Dem neva finish o. Akande get folder for tablet. That old man no de fear at all. E look complete man and all im people come talk say na kindergarten dem still dey. The man get folder. Wamakko sef dey there. Bukola Saraki dey there. Chris Ngige no fit shut up. Im file de grow by the day. IBB file dey there, neither here nor there. The man be like say na when e keep quiet e de bad pass. El-Rufai sef dey. Dem just open one for Rochas Okorocha. All the governors go visit Obasanjo, na only Rochas wear French suit, go stand for front de laugh like children wey go birthday party for olden days. There  must be a reason for dat kind laugh. Make I no call all dem name. but the two people wey dem open 20 gig hard disc for na Buhari and OBJ. when those two men gather together in the name of anything, o boy wahala dey o!
Ahaa, back to the matter. With all dis people wey de gather so, how una want make Oga Doyin sleep for night. If e manage sleep reach 4 am, e gat to wake up go read online newspaper first to know wetin all dis witch dem talk for night when everybody don sleep. Then e gat to de think of the reply wey e go give dem. E go enter Twitter go look wetin dat bad boy El-Rufai don talk for night and how many people de answer am. Then e go enter Facebook go check wetin some people don put there since midnight to 4am. Den e go check response to talk wey im don talk before. After all dat one, e go receive call take hear update on wetin de happen. Then im go make call take update the oga dem. One ear na im e go de take watch Channels and the other ear dey CNN. NTA na permanent mute dat one dey. No fuck-up fit come from that zone, thank God. Before e go finish all dat one make e come de think of how e go do, na so one of im aides go enter come tell am say, ‘Good afternoon sir.’ Time don reach 2pm.
So when Oga de tell una say APC go collapse soon, no be prediction. Na prayer. Una wan kill the man with una wahala abi na wetin?


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