God punish all of dem!

God Punish All of dem
I de vex gan! The thing wey I wan talk de vex me. All of a sudden for dis country, the only thing wey some people wan make we de think be who be my brother and who no be my brother. Dem don carry am enter everywhere. If your name na Yoruba, people don talk for dem mind say na only Yoruba people and Yoruba thing you go de support. If your name na Igbo, you be foolish boy wey no fit stay your village. If your name be Hausa, you be Boko Haram. If your name na Bayelsa, na you and Jonathan de spoil country. Which kind craze thing be dis?
People dey there de wait sake of say dem wan go conference go discuss some matter. Dem don de prepare us say make Hausa man no cheat us. Make Igbo man no take over our thing. Make Niger Delta no plenty too much for army. Make Isoko no be pastor for church wey more Urhobo people join dem money take build. Make Yoruba Muslim no lead prayer for Hausa mosque. We do sotey we begin do oursef for the same area. Make  Anambra people no too plenty for Abia civil service, make we sack dem. Make Osun people no come de form for Ondo State, make dem pay school fees like non-indigene. Make Asaba no de form say na dem get state capital, make Urhobo people de do governor forever. Na so we don scatter we country sotey we don de take am de fire children wey just de grow. Yoruba boy know say Igbo people no be correct people, na so so money and land dem de fight for. Igbo boy know say Yoruba boy na so so juju e know and im sense remain small to complete. Yoruba boy know say Hausa man na mulla and dat mean to say na seven Hausa sense is equal to one Yoruba idiot. See where dem don carry us reach?  When Ife and Modakeke de fight, I hear say Ife husband go push out Modakeke wife make dem kill am!! If dat na true, wetin our leaders wan make we be? Another Rwanda?
Make I no let dis talk too much. See one example wey I wan give. And na correct example. Real life example.
My friend and sister ADETUTU na Ijebu girl. Her papa na from Ijebu Ode. Her mama na from Mgbidi for Imo State. So, Adetutu get two grandparents wey be Yoruba and two wey be Igbo. Adetutu come go NYSC, come meet nice guy from Nassarawa. She marry the man and now she get children. So Adetutu children na Hausa (so to say). Dem mama na Yoruba. Dem get uncles wey be Yoruba and Hausa. Dem grandparents na Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa (maternal grandfather Yoruba. Maternal grandmother Igbo. Paternal grandfather Hausa. Paternal grandmother Hausa and that is if Tutu husband no come from another mixed marriage) If you carry  enter great grandparents, the story go de wide more.
Therefore my people, anybody wey tell me say make I hate Adetutu children na crazeman. No be small craze de worry am. Dis example I give na the one I know. Some dey wey you go know wey conc pass dis one. Wetin come de happen for dis country? Where all dis hate de come from? Some people know say if things de bad de go like dis, na dem go de benefit. Dem go de take the quarrel de take de collect vote for election. We go de kill ourself and dem go de laugh. People wey God go punish for dis country plenty well well o.
Therefore I de talk my own. If you talk amen, na you know. If you no talk amen, na you still know. All the people wey wan turn all of us to enemy, make God punish dem. People wey de send people go kill other people because dem de vex say dem no get wetin dem want, any party wey dem dey and anywhere wey dem dey, make God punish dem. People wey de kill people de blame other people, make God punish dem. People wey de thief money wey dem suppose take make life better for other people, make God punish dem. People wey pack government money for oversea bank sake of say make dem retire go de chop am, dem no go retire. People wey de pack bomb for house de wait for election day, make the bomb explode when dem de do inspection of the place dem pack am. God punish dem.
One more thing. All the people wey God go punish, make God punish dem for market square! God punish anybody wey go tell me say make I kill you! God punish am!!


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