…Naija. we too follow big name

As I siddon one day make I think the thing wey de do us for dis country, na so I remember wetin Obama tell Africa the time wey e first win president for USA. The man talk say make we build strong institution, make we no build strong name. Dat man get nyash o. Na the thing wey de worry us na im the man see sharpily sharpily. Because some people de vex say the man no come Nigeria come tell dem thank you,  dat vex no first let many of us think about wetin the man de tell us. ( We de wait for thank you visit as if na we vote. Even the money wey Okereke-Onyiuke and her friend dem de raise for Naija nearly cause katakata for Obama sef. No ask dem who send dem o).
Na so make me come de think am alone. I sabi think well well when I broke, which mean to say na every time I de think. I come de remember say Naija people too de follow big man and big name. Once upon a time, wey Oga Shagari be president, na so some people de do as dem like. Even as small boy, I hear as my papa dem dem de talk say Akinloye get im own champagne. We hear say Joseph Wayas de take bag of rice talk good morning to people wey e like. We hear say Olusola Saraki fit win anything dem put for vote for Senate. Why because once dem hear the man voice de ask sa ‘na so?’  all im peoplewey don de sleep to jump up answer say, ‘na sooooo’. Some time sef, dem no even know wetin dem de discuss. Since dat time go reach now, na the big big name we still de follow. Oya make we do small roll call.
For South East, na Nwobodo (wey dem say e carry generator from National Stadium go do im mama burial for Enugu. I hear ni o. I no sure o) other people there come be C. C Onoh and dem Ubah brothers dem before Chris Ngige dem enter dance-floor (Ngige na super-stylee e take enter. Some people been wan play am, but e show dem say  to go school no be waste of time).  All dem Kanu and Orji and Rochas and Peter Obi and Sullivan and Iwuanyanwu dem all dey there, Ezeife,  and dat fine girl Ekwunife. The gra-gra ones dem dey o, like Uwazulike and im boys.
You enter South-West, na here all the people wey de shake country dem surplus. If we start from Abiola, we go enter Abraham Adesanya, enter Baba Adedibu, enter OBJ, enter Ladoja, Saraki dem, Oyinlola dem, Agagu dem and Baba Tinubu and im boys…and the one dem wey just enter floor like Fani-Kayode, Yinka Odunmakin and the one wey take am by force like Oga Fasheun and Gani baba! The list long o! Make I no call Teslim Folarin because some people go remember how e comot detention from Ibadan straight to PDP primaries from Abuja. Make I no call Omisore because some people still de vex for am for Bola Ige. No ask me o. I no underdstand  why dem de vex….ahhh! the list long.
For North na the same thing. Buhari dem dey there join Umaru Dikko dem, join …join…join…dem plenty o but the one ones wey I like pass na the new ones like Tambuwal, like Farouk Lawan, like Baba Sharia (wey dem talk say na 13 year old girl de sweet am pass), like Baraje, like Babangida Aliyu…dem plenty. Even dem brother for Middle Belt full there too.plus Gowon, plus Solomon Lar, plus Aper Aku plus pplus plus…if not for the thing wey de happen for jos and all dat Plateau side, na dem for collect award say dem quiet pass.
Who remain? Na South-South hehehehehee. Dem people for dat side tire me. I don think am. Think am think say make I remember dem hero for there, e hard o. Ok, dem get Isaac Boro come get Ken Saro Wiwa, come get Tam David West (that man name de vex some people because of all the talk the man de talk about NNPC and oil subsidy). Dem still dey o. come get …get….get….ok leave dat side. Na the new ones na dem correct pass. One na Bros J, wey no first get shoe but shoe don plenty now. Bros Alams wey show Scotland Yard say snake no de go prison. Asari Baba wey don turn from creek to vice chancellor, Tompolo wey go soon enter Forbes Most Monied Men, Oga Wike, Oga Bipi and Oga Seriake, Oga Orkah, Oga Ibori (shhhhhh no be South South but na South South e resemble shhhhh) Oga Boyloaf….. e get as e be for dis region o!!! den dem still get Oga Edwin Clark and Ankio Briggs. E get one wey de make big-big noise that time….wetin be im name oh… e be like say na Eka. Dat time, the man slim come get hard face like Kanayo O Kanayo when e first start de act Nollywood. Now, im face don wide like those Chinese people own. Money good o!!!
Na because of dis situation wey we de worship people, dats why big man no de go prison for Naija. Even the one wey manage go, court don talk say e no suppose go. But for USA, big man de go prison because the institution big pass the person. For here, na big name big pass institution. Dats why we de drive motor against traffic. Dats why convoy driver go de run as if devil de pursue dem. Dats why one person go thief money wey you no go fit count finish for one week. Dats why one citizen go build house come build cell put inside to de take detain other people. Dats why soldier go beeat civilian for street. Dats why admission no de reach people wey qualify. Dats why if your application no get senator complimentary card attached, e no be application yet. Dats why person go be senator and e no fit understand bill wey e de support. Dats why people de carry fake certificate and nobody fit challenge dem. Dats why police de forget say dem no be private property. Dats why people de build house for water channel. Dats why one man go carry other people pension money chop. Dats why somebody go collect contract to do road and e no go even near the place. Dats why people for ministry de collect mighty bribe from contractors and nobody fit stop dem. Dats why some people go commit as dem like and nothing go do dem. Dats why everything come get as e be. DATS WHY WE BE AS WE BE!!!
Like mumu and people wey dem swear for, na so we de carry ourself join big name sake of say dem go help us reach where we say we de go. Na so e be. Dog talk say e know why e de follow man with big belle. If e no shit, e go vomit…something for the boys na!
But my people, time don reach wey we no go de follow dis people because dem get big name. We suppose de charge out brain like laptop. We no suppose de allow anybody de carry us go fight for election. We no suppose allow anybody send us go kill another person. We no suppose….o boy na waa o. Some things fit ever change? When money enter now, na different story. All dis my talk no fit stop hunger or the desire for material things….and if dem no collect money from big names, who dem wan collect from?
Wait, I wan still think again….


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