.. so obasanjo write letter…?

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We hear say OBJ write GEJ letter (all dis people with short short name no go wound person for dis country) and since den, person neva hear word. Many people don write write full everywhere about dis letter. Na so e suppose be for letter wey dem say e reach 18 page. We hear say the letter leak…hmmm. Nobody de ask how e take leak. For Oduah matter dem de find person wey leak the matter but for dis one, we no de find anybody. So e fit be say dem want make e leak hehehe.
Make we number the talk make e no go plenty too much.
1. Dem write letter and letter leak.
2. Everybody read oga letter. Some read am like letter. Some read am like textbook. Some self read am like death penalty. Some smile, some laugh and some provoke.
3. Some say OBJ brain don de turn. Some say old age don sandpaper some part of im brain. Some say why one devil de complain about another devil? Some say e no get wetin dem call moral justification…which mean say thief no suppose de shout thief for another thief…I no come know who be the second thief!!! Anyway sha, dem say baba no suppose be person to de talk dat kind talk because im hand no clean.
4. Some say make we leave wetin dem write for motor, make we enter motor. Dem say make all man talk put for the matter wey OBJ raise even though we know say e get as the envelop be. Dem say if we de wait for perfect man to come help us talk to government, which time dat one go happen?
5. Talk follow talk until talk full ground and people de chuk hand for other people dem eye. Some de interpret and other people de abuse people wey no gree dem own talk.
So wetin come be matter? E get wetin dem teach us for church. When you complain say people de talk wrong thing about you…make you LEARN. If dem talk good, learn. If dem talk bad, learn! If na true, make you learn and if na lie, make you still learn.

The last time wey PDP people count us, dem say we be like150 million. Nobody sure but make we grew say na 150 million true-true. Make we talk say 100 million no know book wet go remain 50 million wey know wetin de happen. So who de expect say the whole 50 million go support wetin dis government de do? No matter no matter, people must get talk. If some people out of 50 million no gree say una sabi lead Nigeria, why government go de vex? Dem suppose de remember say million million people vote other candidate for 2011. Which mean say dem go need to prove to those people say make dem vote for dem next time. If governor wet de follow oga chop and speaker wet be im paddyman de talk, how million million people wey no happy no go talk?

Wetin come be all this talk? Make una hear o. If dem talk good about you….LEARN!!! Dem talk bad…LEARN!!! If you come de plan to sharrap people mouth na you go lose. Remember 46664? Na Mandela prison number be dat. If gun and prison de close people mouth, why Mandela mouth no close? Na only God know who go dey for 2015. Anybody wet wan talk, make una leave am make e talk. The people wet dash us democracy no tell us say na gun dem de take run am.

Obasanjo write letter…and so what? Prove am wrong …das all!

I don waka abeg.


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