dem say oga sick, who send?

E get some time wey person go talk and all man go de think say person wicked. i dey for traffic wey be say person wey take leg de waka de overtake me. Everywhere na smoke and dust. i manage reach where i de go after two hours late. i enter house, light no dey, dem no pump water, the queue for street borehole na craze. i just manage get small network take check internet and wetin i de see so?

Dem say oga de sick for yonder and dem tell am say make e go rest small. dem come de tell us say make we no worry, say e no serious. Naija official dem can de form!!


Ok sha. We de try form for oyinbo dem say oga popular and all man don carry fasting and prayer and binding and loosing because oga sick. i hear una o. Who de carry fasting for us? We wey don de sick since oga be oga?

But some kind talk dey sha o. Wetin the docki dem for Aso Rocky de do wey e be say na oyinbo  docki dem go look microscope take tell oga say make e go rest? Wetin be dat? Somebody gat to tell those people say dem no do well o. All the money dem de collect, dem wan make oga go faint for front of foreign camera. Laast time, some say e enter toilet, e sleep go come forget say e get speech. Chai!! Some people get bad mouth. I no follow dem talk blasphemy o. Na only hear i hear and as i no dey der, I just comot ear.

But again, Broda Rubby go de arrange imself well, abeg. See the way e de tell us say make we no worry. Wetin we for like ask Broda Rubby be say, wetin oga de do wey e come tire reach make oyinbo give am warning? If we turn am to WAEC question, how e go be?

Question 1. Wetin make oga tire reach oyinbo advice?

a. Na the work wey dey the job wey e take

b. Na the wahala wey im party de give am day and night esp Oyinlola/Lamido

c. Na Akande, Amaechi, Baraje and Lai Muhammed de take winch fire oga

d. Na sapele water don too much (no choose this one o)

e. Na Anambra election give oga wahala

Anyway, any one you choose, na you by yourself go explain am. I no dey o.

All i know be say make Rubby no just de form for dat side. Oga no well. Na people wey de see de chop there, na dem go de worry. But I gat to play my part as a responsible patriotic citizen now. I de find Sina Peters number. Make Sina Peters come compose song for oga. WE ALL WISH OGA SOONEST RECOVER!!!!

Oga sick…na who send?

Na play i de play o….I SEND O!!!!!!!


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