APGA, LP, FIFA, CAF,EFCC, NFA,NPF, PDP all na the same!!

Na Igbo man de talk say you no fit beat pikin come talk say make e no cry. But for Nigeria matter, if dem beat pikin, dem go say e must not cry. Yesterday, i de look for TV where Nigeria police de shoot people (especially women) teargas. Wetin dem do? Dem de protest against impunity for Nigeria. dem come jam impunity hehehehehe. i de laugh? How I for no laugh. Na OBJ teach me. Man wey koro-koro eye de campaign to change constitution so dat e go be president for twelve years. With im brother Fani-Kayode. When we de ask am say, does the president want a third term, e de answer say, the president will do nothing unconstitutional. When the thing no work, Baba turn around say no time wey im pursue dat kind agenda. I de laugh. But dis laugh no be sweet laugh. Why I de laugh? Make i ask the question on one different line so dat you go see am wella.

If those protesters de support oga pata-pata, dem for shoot dem tear gas?

see another question.

That one wey oga madam carry women do take support her husby, police no see tear gas dat day abi electoral act go leave?

One kind spirit na im de run for some people vein, na the spirit of Robert Mugabe. When I learn Social Studies first-first, na Mugabe be president. I wan retire for work, Mugabe be president. Victor Uwaifo take am sing dat time. We don forget the song, Mugabe na still president. That spirit wey de show am way, na im enter all this people with short-short name wey make dem de do things like say na dem papa plant this world.

i no like long talk. Make I cut am short. Na LP de make me laugh pass. Dem de romance devil and dem think say dem get sense. Make dem go read wetin David do. Prophet tell am say you get many sheep but when you get visitor, na the only one wey your neighbour get you kill for your visitor. I know say una no go understand sef.

APGA don try PDP magic but even with PDP support dem fail am. Oya na. Election don hold. Make una give us report card na.

FIFA and CAF de change position of goal post any time dem like. Now dem say many people never vote for world player, so dem go delay small make other people vote and so that the ones wey don vote go fit change dem mind… mad men. CAF na year by year. Issa Haiyatou go be president from the grave sef. And as long as vote na one per country, Francophone don finish matter. And na GLO money dem de chop.Glo go de do advert. To do network make e fine no let dem.

EFCC na Roger. That oyinbo dog wey de hear English. If the master say, ‘Roger bark,’ e go bark. ‘Roger Bite…na the same with dem sister ICPC. Na Mugabe spiritt dem get.

NPF no be Nigeria Police o…na National Providence Fund i de talk o. Small time now, dem go say I de abuse police. I no call una name o. Make I just jump dat side. Make me sef jump NCAA, NNPC.

who come remain….haaa na dem father be dat….if i start…if i start…..

Na the same wicked spirit wey de spoil premiership match, wey dem de give somebody fake penalty for extra t8ime and allow 9 minutes time added on….God punish dat spirit.




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