…na so e go de be…..

people wey know book pass us de talk say pidgin na for people wey no de hear grammar. Na dem own be dat. But when e reach time for election, na so all of dem go de try speak pidgin and na wonder dem de take dem mouth commit. Na dem know. For this zone, we go de do we thing. We go de talk our tori, we go de discuss and we go de translate the beta beta news make we for de know wetin de happen. People, una welcome o. Na we own homezone be dis.

i de come, make i find kolanut go first. abi you no go chop?


One Reply to “…na so e go de be…..”

  1. i Sincerely appreciate this blog. abeg, make i rearrange myself. grammar no dey score goal for his o. cj, kudos… i hail una. una do well. i no know say dis kain tin dey o.

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